Please come let us reason my precious one. Come and hear me pour out my heart!  What is your identity?  What is your purpose?  What is the reason why you breathe?

Each and every one of us has the freedom to do the things we wish to do!  Go the places we desire to, keep the friends we want to and engage in any business we feel is worth our efforts.

If you want to play now and work later or work now and play later; that choice is yours to make. What you have is freedom and the right to exercise it.  To say what you like, when you like, to whoever you feel like.

But do not allow this freedom to deceive you. As a friend of mine would have me say; "we are you!".  Your freedom is our freedom.  Your actions is our actions, your friends become our friends your enemies our enemies.

The benefits of what you do today is for us and the consequences is also ours to bear. For such is the burden of ties. As my wife and as my husband as my brother and as my sister,  as a friend and as …

sleep is indispensable

Earlier today I was over the phone  with  a friend  we've known  each other for a while and have a valuable friendship as we spoke she went on to tell me how engrossed  she was with her passion of late and how of recent she had been keeping late nights. If she had told me this some months ago I would have been totally impressed I'll give her a pat on the back and say "you go gurl" bravo!  After all It was  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow who wrote:

 "The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.

It was a habit of mine through the years and yes it does have some merit  but, I  choose instead to toe a different line rather than cheer her on, I  tried to persuade her  otherwise, in the hope that she breaks the habit of sleepless nights before it takes a grip on her way of life.  After our conversation I also  felt  it was wise to share my reasons here so every…


Happiness, I've  heard quite a bit about it!  A school of thought has it that life's the pursuit of happiness. Now I don't quite know if I totally agree with that ideology but I do know we all wish to be happy,  and that includes  the sadist who ironically manages to derive his own happiness from the sadness or pain of others whether he caused it or not. In truth,  many  people are  partly sadist  and though they may not embrace such areas of their personality in its entirety, most definitely not while they're in the public glare, they still giggle and find strange pleasure in the pain, misfortune or sorrow of others.
As you read it's easy to get tempted to quickly profile people you know, your friends, associates and even family. asking yourself are they in anyway sadist or  part sadist? Perhaps your misfortune or trials gives them that tiniest iota of joy. Well, the number of persons you find when you're done carrying out your mental search  really counts fo…

#read-in :reading

Hello  there,  how are you today. So here are my thoughts of late and i felt it was worth sharing.  Of recent I've  been  thinking  about  reading, reading as a culture especially among those in my generation and the young ones that are so eagerly chasing us  to old age.

Reading  is a good habit,  its one of the many ways you can get to assimilate  knowledge, its a fun  thing to do yet sadly not everyone likes to read.  If you have the patience  to ask;why? you'll discover  people  have their legitimate  reasons  why reading is impracticable.   Sometimes  people  don't read because  they feel its a burden,   a sort of responsibility  they've been saddled with just because  they want to acquire a certificate.  So if  they've somehow  received  the benevolence of providence and can now lay claim to a decorated  paper,  with their names boldly inscribed on it,  it seems  quite logical to never open the pages of a book again.  Or should  they?

 As you might have guess…

Expectations vs outcome

I remember now that scene from many years ago, something in the range of a decade how long exactly I cannot say with certainty. I remember I stood there in the audience above all others with my hands resting on the rail, listening to a brilliant speech by our seemingly eloquent speaker. He had come to our weekly place to speak to us about jobs and employment, the exact  occasion that warranted his  presence  is  something I can’t remember however, as I recall he stood there confident in his stride pacing the podium  as he  dropped nuggets of wisdom, with snippets of knowledge borne from  years of experience to spice it up. 

 He spoke to us about ways and practices to  overcome employment delays, scale through the most difficult interviews, make a fantastic impression and consequently seize the job from your would be competitors. But, just in the event  you do not belong to the class  of desperate job seekers he still had just the right package for you. With  well rehearsed speech He ca…

Our other relationships.

Why do we bother with relationships? why do we allow ourselves to be entangled every now and again in the loop of love? Much like the rabbit that runs almost perpetually  in the circular  wheel  but ends up right where it started; at the  beginning  with nothing  achieved, but amusement  for the observer and exhaustion  for the rabbit. If we spare the time to observe any two persons  who affectionately love one another, we might find  ourselves amused at how intricate the relationship  between both individual is. In some cases, we might  even pinch ourselves; laughing  at how naive, protective,  or loved up they are, and wondering  why they'll  do this or that all in the name of love. Now if we're naughty  enough  we'll be passing our verdict  on how things ought to be  done; what  limits  they should  set, what  responsibilities they should  shoulder, and which responsibilities they  should not even touch.   It's rathers easy to play judge from the outside when  we…

what exactly is life

One morning, I woke to realize that I exist I woke to realizethat I wasn't just a biological construction capable of carrying out all those characteristics of livingthingsthat was drummed into our brainsin our high school days. Me myself just like you, him, her and every other being alive come to this realization at some point in our lives, some at a very tender age while that ofothers came a bit later. but it was only then in that moment when we gainedconsciousness of ourbeingthat our lives truly began.

Itssaid that life's a gift, a gift because no one worked to have it or choose to possess it.  We all found ourselves entrusted with it. It’s a gift of nature some say, No! it’s a gift from loving parents, yet many believe it’s a gift from God. If now we pretend thatwe've allagree on this point and forge ahead. We begin to ask: why?. why Where we entrusted with this gift called life, perhaps we alone can answer this question satisfactorily,  Although its would seam quite eas…

A lady's tale

.....Tito sat by the pool next to her grand father a man who had raised her through the frailty of his old age, it had always been comforting to listen to him talk  in the dim light of the evenings as he told stories one after the other some real others a fabrication of his imagination for there was no such thing as a fake story. Stories so interwoven with twists, suspense and everything else indescribable that made papa her very own Nobel Laurette. at the age of 21 it seamed rather odd that a beautiful lady plum, tall, fair and adorable would in her right mind  sit out her evenings with a 83 year old man telling a tale she must have heard more than once in the 18 years he'd devoted to raising her since the demise of her parents  under circumstances that are best forgotten. She sat here with him because it had become to her a sort of culture and even though there were evenings when the day's stress caused her to fall asleep while he spoke, she non the less felt endeared to he…

A letter to mum (3)


... More often than not love sets the mind into confusion such that it is unable to continue pursuing an established routine,  like the skydiver who heartily plunges to the earth for a few minutes of adrenaline. Sometimes, the pursuit of happiness is in itself more rewarding than the happiness we sought. Let's imagine I fall in love, I fall In love with a lady, I'll have to deal with some questions dat are difficult to answer, for I can already visualize the elders peer at me over the rim of those pale glasses with their heads tilted forward so their jaws touch their collar bones and the skin on their necks fold in disciplined wrinkles, who is she? where is she from? These questions would follow like a hungry cheetah follows prey! But they are not alone because my hallowed friends would talk.. they'll ask what happened to Daniella, to joy, Funke, nkem, and Grace they'll like to know if they were merely  forerunners paving the path for my spousal salvati…

CIVILIAN'S ;a son's tale (1)

...Dressed in my tight jean pants and a shirt With my jacket hanging across my arm still fresh out of rehab 21 gruelling days in that dungeon you'll think I'd learn a thing or two. If anyone had told me I would stay that long without my stuff I would have laughed them to scorn but here I was alive, sober and healthier for it. I couldn't help reflecting back to that fateful Tuesday weeks ago when dad barged into my room only to find me sniffing my stuff, he had burst into a mad fist of rage I've never witnessed before I'd heard him stutter and talk so fast at the same time in such quick successions that it was quite difficult to comprehend anything he said, what followed was predictable in any core african setting, a slap with the force of a blow hit me hard on my right cheek momentarily jolting me back to the reality of the situation. Cuz I had been so well engrossed with the act playing out before me, that I stayed glued to the spot observing the vibrations of his…

A perspective on the agitation for Biafra

Different strokes for iffereny folks as the saying goes, I had to publish this now although it was written months ago at the begining of the renewed agitation for biafra. Do Enjoy

Why do people mention biafra and I hear "political  sabotage" i say no to biafra! Because it seeks to violate the  very freedom it hopes to achieve and that is my stand point!  Our elders fought a war do we need to fight one? NOO!!! No because their stories did not gift  me any sense of pride. Instead, It made me realize that the true  agony suffered in that war was not so much the loss of life as it was the loss of focus, those years of strife resulted in a "generationalional demoralization". Visible in the loss of belief in the "collective greater good" thay is evident in the manner in which our leaders rule.  Sadly, the drive of the average "man" is centered around individual interest  though many now feign a unified spirit  that does not exist.
        So should we…


This is  one interesting narrative, i learnt a lot from and i felt It  would be best to share
Enjoy your read
 love house chores but dishes?๐Ÿฒ๐Ÿš (I just don't like washing them) ๐Ÿ˜ฃ, however most times washing dishes is inevitable because he who eats must be ready to wash dishes.๐Ÿ˜Š

This fateful evening, it was 'dish time' and I struggled through washing the dishes, I heaved a sigh of relief๐Ÿ˜ขwhen I finally put the last piece in the plate rack (the kinda sigh a university student gives when he hears that ASUU strike is finally over๐Ÿ˜‚).

#4 things absolutely Nigerian

Nigeria is really one of the most fantastic countries anyone on planet earth can choose to live in  and  that’s not likely to change ever!!  Big deal if you don’t agree with me, but there are lots of fun stuff  to do.  There are worth typically dozens of articles littering the internet on that subject so I'll advice you to read up. Why exactly do I brag about the country Nigeria? Well here is a list of things that can happen in Nigeria which is unlikely to happen elsewhere.

#1 Ex-president is a dance king. Don’t let the hardship fool you Nigerians are known for their  party life style and the love for dancing and  that includes our presidents, what can I say ex-presido OBJ slaying the beat, he  has gat the moves. Can u beat him? I think not

#2 Transformers are friendly

if you’re born and breed in Nigeria  someone must have told you to go hug transformer at least once  that one time you pissed them off,  but it doesn’t mean they wish you dead! (you may misunderstand if you’re not Niger…